API To Create User and Assign Responsibility to the User

   l_user_name                VARCHAR2 (100);
   l_user_password            VARCHAR2 (100) := 'welcome1';
   l_user_start_date          DATE := SYSDATE;
   l_user_end_date            VARCHAR2 (100) := NULL;
   l_password_date            VARCHAR2 (100) := SYSDATE;
   l_password_lifespan_days   NUMBER;
   l_person_id                NUMBER;
   l_email_address            VARCHAR2 (100);
   l_count                    NUMBER;
   l_change_password          BOOLEAN;
   l_user_id                  NUMBER;

   PROCEDURE assign_responsibility (p_user_name IN VARCHAR2)
      CURSOR c_resp
         SELECT fav.application_short_name,
           FROM fnd_application_vl fav, fnd_responsibility_vl frv
          WHERE     frv.application_id = fav.application_id
                AND frv.responsibility_name IN ('US Receivables Super User',

What is Record to Reporting Cycle – R2R

Record to report or R2R is the management process for providing strategic, financial and operational feedback to understand how a business is performing. This process involves collecting, transforming and delivering relevant, timely and accurate information to all stakeholders inside and outside the organization, to provide insight into how their expectations have been met.

It covers the steps involved in preparing and reporting the overall accounts which are typically stored in a general or nominal ledger and managed by a comptroller. The detailed steps involved are: data extractiondata collectiondata validationdata transformation (generation of voucher)voucher posting (to general ledger)storing vouchers in de-normalized and compressed formatgenerating analysis account trial balance or consolidated analysis account trial balancegenerating user-defined financial and management reports In ERP systems , This is part  month end  process in which basically user will close all the periods  …

How to Programmatically close PO using PO_ACTIONS API

PO_ACTIONS.CLOSE_PO is the API used to programmatically close/final close Purchase Order. We have to pass P_ACTION parameter value as 'CLOSE'/'FINALLY CLOSE' depending on the requirement to close a Purchase Order. Before applying the API, we are taking a PO as CLOSE_CODE  as 'CLOSED' for testing purpose and query the purchase order in Backend. The result of PO is given in snapshot below. 

Below are the code to execute the api. Sample:- /* Formatted on 2016/10/18 12:08 (Formatter Plus v4.8.8) */ DECLARE    x_action         CONSTANTVARCHAR2(20):='FINALLY CLOSE'; -- Change this parameter as per requirement    x_calling_mode   CONSTANTVARCHAR2

Drop Shipment Process in a Picture


What is Scheduling, Reservation , ATP and few common Terms in Sales Order Shipping.

Before we start understanding scheduling we need to know certain terms and how they are derived in Oracle.

Understanding the following terms will help you understand how scheduling works
in OM.

Actual Arrival Date - The date the order line arrives at the customer site.

Actual Ship Date - The date the order line is shipped. This date is recorded by the
ship confirm action.

Arrival Set - A set of order lines which arrive at the same time at the destination.

Available to Promise (ATP) - The quantity of current on-hand stock, outstanding
receipts and planned production not already committed to sales orders or other
sources of demand.

ATP Date - The date that a requested quantity will be available to promise.

Delivery Lead Time - Time (in days) for items to reach the customer once they are

There are two ways to help system calculate this date.

1) Create a location for the Ship-to address and assign it as the internal location and then define inter-location transit time
2)Create a Zone…